Karing Hands Massage & Skin Therapy

Kimberly, Nurse Practitioner

Call or Text Kimberly at 270-945-3095

Botox & Basic Dermaplaning

* Some weeknights, Saturday & Sunday appointments available for these two services *


Botox injections help reduce visible dynamic wrinkles by relaxing muscles in the face.  Results last approximately 6-12 months.  Most common sites of treatment include forehead wrinkles, wrinkles between eyebrows, crows feet and gummy smiles.

45 minute appointment


There will be a $25 deposit at time of booking, that will be charged through Vernu2.  Deposit cannot be returned for missed appointment. You may reschedule using same deposit if you cancel 48 hours in advance.  The deposit will be applied to your total at time of treatment.

$25 for consults.  If you decide to get Botox at time of consult, this will be applied to product.


Basic Dermaplaning

45 minute appointment